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2024 Organizers
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Department of Engineering and Chemistry 

University of California Riverside

The Palermo group uses computer simulations to characterize the mechanism of action of emerging genome editing systems that are transforming life sciences. The lab implements a multiscale approach combining molecular dynamics simulations, quantum mechanical methods, and cryo-EM processing techniques. Major interest is CRISPR-Cas systems and large macromolecular machines acting on genes.

Department of Chemistry 

Franklin & Marshall College

The Takser group focuses on developing organic, small-molecule tools to solve real-world problems. We are interested in new gas-releasing molecules, which allow the delivery of reactive and/or toxic gases for various laboratory uses without needing a gas tank. In addition, we are interested in synthesizing antibacterial natural products and their derivatives to determine structure-activity relationships. 

2023 Organizers and Mentors
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Prof. Corinna Schindler

Department of Chemistry

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry

Prof. Osvaldo Gutierrez

Department of Chemistry

Texas A&M University

Computational chemistry, physical chemistry

Prior Organizers and Mentors
Prof. Rachel Austin

Department of Chemistry

Barnard College

Bioinorganic chemistry, spectroscopy

Prof. Brandi Cossairt

Department of Chemistry

University of Washington

Inorganic chemistry, quantum dots

Prof. Steven Lopez

Department of Chemistry

Nortwestern University

Materials chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Ken Hanson

Department of Chemistry

Florida State University

Photochemistry, electron transfer dynamics

Prof. Ramesh Jasti

Department of Chemistry

University of Oregon

Organic and supramolecular synthesis

Prof. Susan Kauzlarich

Department of Chemistry

UC Davis

Solid state chemistry, nanomaterials

Prof. George Schatz

Department of Chemistry

Northwestern University

Theoretical and computational chemistry

Prof. Yftah Tal-Gan

Department of Chemistry

University of Nevada, Reno

Chemical biology, peptide chemistry

Prof. Ian Tonks

Department of Chemistry

University of Minnesota

Organometallic chemistry, catalysis

Prof. Christina Li

Department of Chemistry

Purdue University

Inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry

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