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Group Activities

Room Assignments for 1-on-1 Meetings

NSF CHE: Mason

DOE: Caprese

All other agencies: Carter

Activity 1: Proposal Feedback

All participants will give a short presentation on their NSF CAREER proposal ideas and receive feedback from mentors and program directors. The presentation should be 10 minutes long and approximately 5 slides. We recommend the following slide format:

  • Slide 1: Introduction

  • Slide 2: Specific Aim 1

  • Slide 3: Specific Aim 2

  • Slide 4: Specific Aim 3

  • Slide 5: Education Plan

Please bring your own laptop for the presentation. An HDMI connection will be provided.

  • Make sure your presentation addresses the two NSF review criteria: Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts.

  • Approximately 10 minutes will be reserved for mentors and program officers to provide feedback on your proposal ideas.

Activity 2: Mock Panel

As part of programming at the workshop we will review and discuss past successful CAREER proposals in a mock panel. Each participant will review one proposal in detail and read 1-2 additional proposals that will be discussed in their panel. The proposals will be provided on Day 1 of the workshop, and participants will be asked to review the proposals on the evening of Day 1 prior to the mock panel activity on Day 2. The discussion will be guided by NSF CHE program directors and mentors. 

Before starting your review, please familiarize yourself with the merit review criteria (Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts) found here:

Additional information can be found here:

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